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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Clean harmful bacteria and other grime off of your make up brushes properly with this convenient electric makeup brush!

In doing so, not only will it help prevent acne breakouts and other blemishes, but it will also help your make up last longer as you won't be transferring the harmful bacteria and other dirt into it!

By reducing build up on the brushes, you'll also reduce streaking and blotching, so that you can always look your best!

Your brushes will also last longer and feel better once cleaned, making sure you get the most use out of them!

Product Features:

    • FAST & CONVENIENT: With high-speed spinning, our machine will easily remove dirt and cosmetic residue, then dry the makeup brushes thoroughly in 30 seconds, preventing your hands and sink from getting wet and dirty!
    • FITS ALL SIZES OF BRUSH: Our makeup brush cleaner has 8 different sizes of rubber holders which will fit all of your makeup brushes.
    • KEEP YOUR SKIN HEALTHY: Cleaning your brushes properly is key as it helps wash off bacteria, cosmetic residue, dead skin cells, dirt and oil that stick to and build up on your makeup brushes. This electric brush cleaner will keep your brushes clean and your skin healthy, allowing you to focus on looking your best!
    • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from premium materials to ensure long-lasting use. It is nontoxic, environmentally friendly and easy cleaning.

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