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USB Electric Lighter

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There's nothing worse than trying to light something in a windy area! Except finding out you’re out of matches or lighter fluid!

With this awesome electric USB lighter, not only will you always have an easy way to light things, but you can also be more environmentally friendly by not wasting matches or plastic lighters!

Product Features:

  • WEATHER PROOF: The double-sided tungsten heating elements mean that you can light wherever you are, no matter how windy!
  • RECHARGABLE: Provides up to 100 lights on a single charge, easily recharge via USB whenever you need to, the high-quality lithium battery will last for as many as 300 charges! No more wasting money on lighters or matches!
  • FLAMELESS: No risk of burning your hair, nose, clothes, or anything else!
  • SILENT: Lights without making any noise!


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