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Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner

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Still using cotton swabs? 

Upgrade your ear cleaning game with this convenient and portable electric ear wax vacuum cleaner!

Product Features:

  • BETTER THAN COTTON SWABS: Unlike cotton swabs which can damage the ear canal and make the problem worse by pushing ear wax further in, our tool sucks out wax, build up and other materials that might be lodged in your ear canal.
  • SAFE AND CLEAN: Our product is made of soft plastic and bendable silicone, allowing you to safely insert it into your ears, then rinse it clean after each use.
  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Our tool's small form factor and battery-based operation make it easy to use and simple to travel with.
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES: Due to the soft tip, it is safe to use our product on ears of all ages, however as a safety precaution we advise that parents are the ones to operate it.


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