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Hair Engraving Pen

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Want to look like a footballer?

Always wondered how people have those awesome hair designs?

Maybe you just want a cleaner beard or eyebrow line?

Well thanks to this amazing hair engraving pen, you can do all of that from the comfort of your home!

Product Features:

  • PRECISE AND SMOOTH: The pencil-like design and the flexibility in the thickness you choose to set the blade allow you to draw designs as thin or thick as you desire, while the extra thin yet durable blade allows it to easily glide over skin as it shaves
  • EASY TO USE: Mastering patterns like the ones shown below would take years with a traditional razor or trimmer, this product's unique pen form factor allows you to shave designs as intricate as your mind can imagine!
  • EXTREMELY SAFE: The handle is coated in gripping material to ensure it never slips from your hand, while its design allows you to carve whatever hair tattoo you desire by only applying minimal pressure
  • DISPOSABLE BLADES: Ensures blade remains sharp and hygienic for each use (Ships with 10 blades)
  • HIGH QUALITY: Product is made of high-quality stainless steel, washable, rust-proof and durable

WARNING:  Not for use by children. First time users, please handle with care and practice using the razor on a small area before using it on scalp or larger areas to avoid cuts and injury

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